Thank you for your appointment with Strength HealthCare Group

Please find your medical prescription below.

To download and print a pdf copy, please log in to your portal and print from your encounter section

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        body {

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        .print-button {

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        .print-button button {

            background-color: #2b87da;

            color: white;

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            border: none;


        img {

            max-width: 100%;

            height: auto;




        function printPage() {






    <img src=”” alt=”Letterhead Image”>

    <h2>Prescription Details:</h2>


    <h3>Current Date:</h3> 




    <h3>Clinician Email:</h3>


    <h3>Clinician Contact Number:</h3>




    <div class=”print-button”>

        <button onclick=”printPage()”>Print</button>




Thank you